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An Interactive English Grammar is the first installment of an eLearning work of much broader scope, Writing in English for the Workplace, whose purpose is to help students acquire expository writing skills. Successive modules will be added at regular intervals, to form a complete and interrelated whole.

An Interactive English Grammar offers concise practical guidelines and exercise materials on norms of English structure used in formal writing and commonly followed in mass media, research, business and technical publications. It uses a pragmatically prescriptive approach, in recognition of the essentially speech-based character of modern expository prose and of the need for students to get an ear for the often subtle differences between what is and is not acceptable in writing. The grammar topics can be accessed in two ways: by means of an Analytical Index of alphabetized entries using standard grammar-book nomenclature (i.e., Adjectives, Nouns, Verbs, etc.), and by means of a Unit Index, in which topics are arranged in associative groups of learning tasks, such as Making comparisons, How adjectives work, Subject and object, etc. The units are divided into four stages, corresponding to the levels from waystage (A2) through effective operational proficiency (C1) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Although An Interactive Grammar was designed primarily to help students acquire formal writing skills, it can also be used as a practical approach to the study of English grammar in its own right.